Fikra is one of the leading
Business Setup and Commercial Consultancy companies


In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

That provides services and brings investors from all over the world. We are a one-stop destination that provides time-efficient, hassle-free, and reliable services to anyone who would like to establish their business in the UAE.

F: Faith

We have a deep FAITH that creativity and new ideas should always be present in order to serve our success and our clients success as well.

I: Intelligence

Marketing is another type of intelligence that combines modernity, keeping pace with developments and the constant pursuit of achieving customers desires.

K: Knowledge

The new world requires more knowledge to keep up with all the rapid developments in the world of marketing. This is what FIKRA does, we try to make our knowledge unlimited.

R: Respect

When there are two parties to the equation, respect is the key to dealing. We respect our customers' desire, opinions, and ideas.

A: Ambition

Yes we are ambitious enough to create new ideas, maintain creativity, and never disappoint our customers.

Here’s what FIKRA can do for you.

Business Setup

FIKRA is Professional, Personal, and Clients-Oriented.

We fully Understand that customer service is the cornerstone of customer experience which helped us leverage it as an opportunity to delight our beloved customers.